The online entry process provided here is for you to choose your entry category and fill in the relevant information and credits. Physical entries need to be submitted to us separately (such as print media, electronic files, and boards). Please review the Preparation Instructions for information on how to send us your material.

Complete your Entries in two simple steps: 


Click the 'New Entry' tab to start the entry process.

Here you can choose from all the categories and enter the relevant information. Once you have created one entry you can add additional entries, or you can continue directly to the payment process.  Before proceeding to payment you have the opportunity to review your entries using the Entry Basket. You can also Add, Edit or Delete entries at this point. Use the duplicate function to save you time when entering similar information for a new entry. You can also print labels for your entries here.

You can log out and log in again at any time during the entry process as long as you have saved the most recent entry you were busy with.

Once you have submitted all your entries, you will have an opportunity to review the entries as well as Print the necessary forms. Remember to check the Preparation Instructions before sending us your entry material.


Once you've created and checked all your entries, you can proceed to payment. You will still be able to edit entry descriptions and credit information after payment. Payment may be made by bank transfer or cheque. Credit Card: Pendoring is not equipped to accept credit cards payments.

You can log back into the system at any stage after payment to review your entries using the Entry History link, print out forms and labels, access your invoice, as well as edit entry descriptions and credit information.

You can create new entries after payment however these will have a new invoice.

Once you have completed the payment process, please ensure that your entry has been correctly prepared for judging. Click here to check the Preparation Instructions.